Rental Terms

The Vehicle Renter’s private insurance may cover all or only part of the financial liability for this rented vehicle. If unsure, renter should check with his/her insurance company regarding their coverage to verify what they may or may not be liable for as out of pocket responsibility.

Unless otherwise arranged, the vehicle must be returned to the location agreed to by owner and renter. Returns must be made on or before the indicated turn-in date and time, or sooner if recalled by owner. There may be additional fees levied if vehicle is not returned in good order.

The Renter/operator is financially responsible for  all traffic tickets or violations incurred with this vehicle.

Flat tires, lost keys and dead battery, etc. are the renter’s responsibility and road side assistance bills you directly.

If vehicle engine overheats, Renter must immediately turn engine off and contact owner. Failure to do so will make the Renter fully liable for all repair or replacement costs.

Additional cleaning fee if Car is returned with extensive dirt & garbage ($50) and smoke or ash odors ($75).

Road side ‘service calls’ due to renter’s negligence are the responsibility of  Renter.

The vehicle Renter will be considered/accepted based on the following declarations:

1.    He/She has not been involved in any motor vehicle accident in the last three (3) years
2.    He/She has not been convicted of any driving offence in the last five (5) years
3.    He/She has not been disqualified from driving a motor vehicle at any time
4.    He/She has no mental or physical impairment which interfere with their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle
5.    He/She has not had motor vehicle insurance declined in the past 10 years
6.    He/She has had a full and valid driver’s license for at least the past two (2) years
7.    He/She has a legally recognized form of gainful employment
8.    He/She is not an agent, employee, or servant of the owner in any manner